Getting Started

Five Powerful Features in your Video on Demand Dashboard

Since launching Video on Demand in March 2020 we’ve been interested to find out how people are using our Dashboard and Content Management System (CMS) and the team have been pleased to be able to make tweaks and changes based on feedback received, to reflect a better experience for our users.

Once you've completed the Video on Demand wizard & launched your app into the App Store or on to Google Play, you'll have all the functionality of the dashboard at your fingertips. You'll be able to change your branding, upload videos and organize your content based on the needs of your own users. 

There are a few features that we want to highlight:

Download your app

To access your app you can download it from the links on your dashboard home screen, or by going into the Applications > Branding section, where you can customize your app colors and background. 

In the free trial version, the customizations are templates to give you a flavor of the branding elements you can change in the demo app, a purchased plan allows you additional customizations and the ability to insert your own background images.

How to download your video streaming app

Upload your content

The Upload Video button is front and center to make it as easy as possible to find for first-time users. You can upload content directly through this link or within the Videos section of the dashboard.

You can upload a maximum of 5 videos at any one time. If you attempt to upload more than this, then they will sit in a queue and start uploading as the ones before complete.

During your free trial period, we give you up to 30 minutes of video upload time to test out the CMS and apps. A purchased plan allows for more time and space to upload all your video content ready for your audience.

How to upload video content to the dashbboard

Video thumbnails and cover images

Once you’ve successfully uploaded and encoded a video to the CMS you can edit all text aspects of it, including editorial elements, and view a video thumbnail of the full video. Here you can also upload a cover image for your content, which will appear in your app.

How to view thumbnail of your video content

Categorize your content

It’s important to categorize your content to make it as organized as possible, and to enable it to be searchable by your users within the app. You can add your content to an existing category or create a new category for an individual video.

Note that all uploaded content automatically defaults to the category of ‘Recently Added’ and you can add videos in bulk to a single category within the Categories area of the dashboard.

How to create new categories for your video content

User Management

During a trial period, you can invite up to 4 additional users to view and help you test your demo app by simply clicking the Invite users’ button in the User Management area.

Once purchased, the Video on Demand apps can be shared with additional users up to the maximum allowed by your chosen plan.

How to invite users to view your video streaming app

We’ve designed our Video on Demand CMS and dashboard as intuitively as possible, to make your video upload and organization as smooth and straightforward as it can be.

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If you’d like to speak to a member of the Team about your video streaming requirements, please email us on, and we’ll be delighted to assist.