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Introducing... Monetize & Browser

The team is really excited to be launching some brand new features for our Video on Demand platform in the coming weeks, and while they're not quite finished yet, we can no longer sit on them without letting you know what's coming! 

Due to launch in early-March, our long-awaited Monetize and Browser features will let you create subscriptions for your audience and display your video content on a shopfront using a branded web page. 

Subscription Management  

Our new subscription management feature, or 'Monetize', is something that we know has been missing for some time and has been a regular roadmap request. So that you can create subscriptions and build revenue around your video content, we have partnered with Stripe who provides a great service that links audience subscription payments to your bank account via 

We've designed a user-friendly interface to make all of this set-up really straightforward; you set a price for your subscription, select a currency and turn on your paywall. 

Browser Shopfront

While we've offered Apple and Android video streaming apps since 2019, we're delighted that we will now be able to offer a browser option as a shopfront for all your video content. 

Your audience will now be able to view your content through all the major web browsers as well as apps, and then use this branded webpage to sign up for your video subscription service. 

The account set up has been designed to be simple and easy for your subscribers, asking only for an email address and a password and if your paywall is 'on', billing address, and card details. So that you are not spending your time on fiddly admin jobs and managing their accounts, we've automated things like lost passwords and declined card payments. 

These new features bring us another step closer to providing you with a service that you can use to grow your video content and build revenue from your audience. 

For more in-depth advice on how to build a successful subscriber-friendly streaming platform, read our blog: How to Create a Streaming Service.

To accompany our new features, we'll be introducing a new pricing model for browsers only, making it even simpler for you to keep an eye on costs for your video streaming platform. 

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