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Using Video Streaming to Reach New Audiences in Lockdown & Beyond

Many businesses have had to find ways to shift to a virtual and remote culture due to the dramatic changes thrust upon us by the lockdown. COVID-19 is driving many organizations towards digitalization and innovation. Over the long term, we are going to see a difference in people’s behavior and a dramatic conversion of ‘technophobes’ who have been thrust into this new world, leading to an increase in viewers for your content.

At the current time, there are no accurate predictions as to when this period of isolation and lockdown will end, and many industries are witnessing a dramatic decline in sales. Those who are prepared to innovate are riding the waves of growth and success that video streaming can bring to an organization.

In the last few weeks the team have been speaking to and supporting organizations such as dance studios, yoga instructors, educational establishments, and broadcasters who are all investigating the possibilities of streaming their video content to their audiences while staying home and staying safe.


Mobile-first, big screen second

Online video streaming shouldn’t be considered a COVID fad; the organizations that innovate and go online with their content now to embrace the needs of their users will see longer-term benefits.

Currently, we see a rise in consumption on different devices and through various channels. Mainly due to Coronavirus, users are embracing virtual and online video streaming like never before. Facebook Live, for example, doubled their video views in the first few weeks of COVID-19 in Italy, and we’re seeing this replicated across the globe.

Before COVID, and according to the newest State of Mobile report from App Annie, consumers worldwide spent 50% more sessions in entertainment apps in 2019 than in 2017, and sessions on mobile video entertainment apps were up 20% in the US.

“High-quality streaming, growth in user-generated content, and offline mode becoming standardized were industry advancements that helped tip the scales from screen size to on-the-go viewing,” the report said. App Annie also said competition in the video streaming space would help improve user experiences on mobile, which in turn will drive more revenue in the area and could lead to more partnerships and consolidation.

With consumers averaging 3 hours and 40 minutes on mobile in 2019, up 35% since 2017, and with the COVID situation front of mind, the time is right to make mobile the center of your digital transformation by taking your brand direct to your audience with your own branded iOS and Android video streaming apps.

Also worth considering to grow your online video streaming is the ability to go direct to viewers’ TVs, using Roku, Android TV or FireTV apps.

To help you get started in taking your business in a virtual direction, start a free trial now with the mobile-first approach.

Customizable apps

Ensure that your brand is front and centre of your audiences streaming experience with apps that are customizable to ensure better user experience.

Positive user experience is essential for bringing traffic in and, along with your content, can retain them for longer as subscribers within your video streaming ecosystem.

Launch your apps – go live!

Your dream of going live shouldn’t be a long and arduous task – you know your audience is out there and you want to reach them. You can go down the branded browser route quickly, but this is not necessarily where your audience spends time. If you’re going to go mobile-first, then this takes a little more patience.

Using the platform, you can launch your branded apps ready to test, straight into the App Store or onto Google Play, in a matter of minutes. No matter who you are or how much money you then throw at the process, it’s going to be around 30 days (we have seen it done in less) before your app is ready to launch to a global audience.

Working closely with your App Development Coach during these 30 days, we’ll have you ready for this launch, allowing you to hone and refine your branded apps prepared for go live!


Take your business to the next level by going virtual and building branded streaming experiences for your audience with

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